The unsung beauties - Make-up Artists

In photographic profession, if you have been photographing people long enough, chances are you had the pleasure of working with a Make-up Artist or MUA. It’s not until one sees their work that they can truly begin to appreciate the art and the passion of the people who is in this industry.

My first encounter with a make-up artist was with Aprille Lu Raffi ( At that point I was just beginning to build my portfolio and was completely unware of the difference a make-up artist can make to the feel and quality of the photograph. I at that point realized the true potential of great make-up vs good make-up.

Last year, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Sarika Mehta ( and Bryan Oliver on multiple photoshoots. They are truly talented individuals who make any photographer’s job easier. Sarika is not only talented and passionate make-up artists, but a concept designer as well. Her vision for each concept never fails to amaze me. I worked with Bryan on an outdoor shoot. It was quite challenging as we were running out of day light and it was getting pretty cold. I was just amazed how Bryan transformed the clients and allowed in the process capture the most beautiful memories for the couple.

All the make-up artists I have worked with are in this industry for the sheer passion for the art and truly show on works. It is an honor to be able to work along with them to help capture the most beautiful moments for the clients.

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